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What is the difference between a slipped disc, bulging disc, herniated disc, and a ruptured disc?

If you have a ruptured disc, the outer fibers to the disc have torn. The gel-like material within the disc is pushing out through the outer fibers and can push centrally back into the spinal cord or press out the side of the disc and press onto a nerve root.

A slipped disc, bulging disc or herniated disc occurs when the outer ring of the disc becomes weak and the inner portion slips from its regular position. It means that something has happened to the outer fibers of your disc allowing the inside materials of the disc to move. When the inner materials move the disc can press against the nerves that exit the spinal column or press against the spinal column itself and cause pain.

As long as the outer fibers of the disc are not torn open, the disc condition can usually still be fixed. Ruptured discs usually require surgery.

If you have been told you have a disc condition, call (434) 245-8456 to schedule an examination with me. Together we can find out what type of disc condition you have and whether or not it can be fixed, naturally, without drugs or surgery.

We use instruments to make our corrections in the body’s normal range of motion. There is never any twisting, popping or cracking. I hope I can help.

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