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Knee Pain, Lumbar Disc 3 and the Popliteal Muscle

Hi, I’m Dr. Keith Lynch. Watch the video above to see how I help a 14 year old volleyball player eliminate her right-sided knee pain.

We check the stability of her knee joint. I test the strength of her quadricep muscles on both sides of her body. Quadricep muscles cross the front of your knee joints. A weak quadricep muscle can cause rubbing across the knee joint to create pain and inflammation. We find strength on her left-side and weakness on her right, affected side.

A weak quadricep muscle is a great indicator of a disc misalignment in her low back, specifically at L-3. Nerves that send information from the brain to your quadricep muscles exit the spinal column at L-3. A misaligned L-3 disc pinches those nerves and weakens the quadricep muscle.

As stated above, weak quadriceps can allow rubbing of the knee joint to create pain and inflammation.

In the video, you will see how I correct the volleyball player’s L-3 disc misalignment with a hand-held instrument without any twisting or popping. Strength immediately returns to her qaudricep muscle to help eliminate her knee pain.

Good health and strength of the popliteal muscle is also key to eliminating knee pain. The popliteal muscles cross the back of your knee joints.

In the video I test the strength of her popliteal muscles to find it strong on her left side and weak on her right, affected side. By treating her L-3 spine with cold laser and releasing any scar tissue of her popliteal muscle with the percussion instrument her strength returns.

Improving the stability of the knee joint from front to back and realigning the L-3 spine are just a few ways we help people eliminate knee pain.

Call (434) 245-8456 to schedule your knee pain consultation. We are happy to help.

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