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Facial Pain & TMJ

Reduce or Eliminate the Pain Caused by TMJ

Dysfunction in the TMJ ( the major joint in your jaw) can lead to pain, discomfort and increased difficulty in your jaw's mobility.


Common symptoms for TMJ are:

  • Jaw Pain

  • Difficulty Chewing

  • Clicking and Locking in The Jaw

  • Facial Pain

  • Facial numbness

  • Headaches/Migraines

  • Grinding and Clenching of the Teeth

  • Jaw Hangs at an Angle (Jaw Misalignment

TMJ jaw.jpg

Our advanced treatments can relieve the discomfort associated with TMJ and help you achieve life without constant jaw pain. To find out more about our program and if it can help you, fill out the form below to get your TMJ consultation. 

Reduce or Eliminate Your TMJ Pain Today!

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